Behind the brand

  This brand all started as a mere vision in January 2020 in a college dorm. The idea of “Lavish” was inspired by kids, kids don’t need much to live their best life. A pizza, ice cream, watch YouTube or play video games and they are living in paradise. And that is where I then came up with the slogan “Living lavish is a mindset, not about the luxury’s you have.” 

With my whole life retained to sports, after finishing my last collegiate season I had time to resume or pick up a new interest. I always found myself drawing or coloring as a kid. I rekindled that talent in my dorm by drawing and sketching and thought this design would look cool on kid’s clothes. Later on, I started to bring my designs to life and boom the brand started.


    LavishlyClothing was sought out to just be a kid's clothing store filled with crazy cool designs and fascinating colors. But realizing that would be a tough market to reach through in, I decided to expand into a streetwear/casual brand for all ages. Our brand would love to share a write with other creatives ranging from clothing, music, art, sports, and many other interests like food trucks, social issues, and movies. I want to establish a brand with meaning and give people the designer looks and an affordable price. With lavish you get quality and encouragement, set goals, and check them off. The LAVISH brand stands for more than cotton material products. The Brand has a vision bigger than the resources we have right now.


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